Failure Reflections


The life of a child perfectionist is easy. Success equals A+. Failure equals everything else. You work hard, you get the grade. You walk across the stage, make your valedictorian address and life’s never been better.

Then you grow up…and you’re lost.


Because teachers aren’t there to provide a quarterly progress report on life. Instead, perfectionists live a life of “endless report cards,”¬†assigning letter grades to their tasks and comparing themselves to others. The irony is that while perfectionists strive for that one extra A+, endless report cards only end in failure.

Stop giving yourself report cards. Progress is not black and white. Failure doesn’t always mean failure, and success does not always come with pretty gold stars. Instead, strive to be excellent. Aim to have grit and perseverance.

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    […] a perfectionist, my childhood was filled with SAT prep courses and all-nighters. Success equaled A+, and failure equaled everything else.¬† My life was mapped out for me, and as an adult, it left me afraid of failure and fearful of […]

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