Do Nothing

Fun is planned into your schedule, you have 97 tabs open in Google Chrome, you juggle five tasks at once, and you sleep less than 5 hours per night.

You think that because you’re busy, you’re creating the life that you’ve always wanted. Yet, this productivity doesn’t make you happy.

You might just be busy procrastinating. How do you figure out if this is true?  Do NOTHING.

Start by doing nothing for two minutes.

The first time someone suggested that I do nothing, I didn’t know WHAT to do. I twiddled my thumbs, counted down with the timer while thinking about my to-do list for the evening. It felt a little easier not on the second or the fifth day, but on the ninth.

Start with two minutes a day for a week. Then, work your way up to five minutes then ten.

You’ll be surprised what you learn about yourself¬†once you make some space.

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