After five years in London finance, Matt Hein quit and became a dogwalker in Oslo:

I hate my job, but I can’t quit because ________. I don’t like living here, but I can’t leave because ________. I really love doing ________, but I can’t commit to that because ________.

Have you heard these words come out of your mouth? I can’t quit because I’m in the middle of an important project. I can’t quit because I can’t afford to quit. Even though I’m unhappy, I can’t leave because I’ve been committed to this relationship for too long. What will people think of me if I quit? I’ll be a failure. I really love photography, but there’s too many photographers out there. Even though I hate my job, I can’t quit because I’m good at it and other people need me. The reasons are endless, but they are all rooted in fear. Fear of judgment. Fear of making the wrong decision. Fear of failure.

Do something you want to do. People may criticize you. It may end up being a wrong decision, but “there are many things in life you can fail at, so you might as fail at doing something that you love.”

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