Be There for Others, but Never Leave Yourself Behind

We all like to please people, but you cannot please everyone.  As perfectionists, we tend to own other people’s problems. We tend to be fixers and doers. We are attracted to those that need help because of the accomplishment that we feel from helping others. This co-dependent behavior is unhealthy, and often leads to our own unhappiness.

Don’t stay in a relationship just because you feel guilty about leaving someone. Don’t stay at a job because you feel like they wouldn’t be able to survive without you. Don’t maintain an unhealthy friendship because you feel like they need you. Don’t do anything for anyone if you are sacrificing yourself in the process.

You do not get happiness from helping others if you are hurting yourself in the process. It only results in resentment and suppressed emotions. This will eventually blow up into something worse than it would have been if you had just walked away when you should have.

There is a limit to good deeds.


Source: Amanda Cass

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