We avoid. We don’t finish. We don’t share. We both overcommit and can’t commit.

As perfectionists, we avoid new things because we worry that we won’t be good at them. We don’t share the art that might result in criticism. We don’t finish tasks because we lack the grit to commit to things that don’t have immediate feedback. We create habits that don’t stick because we take on too many things at once.

I started photography almost 10 years ago, but I avoided sharing my photos due to worries about criticism.I’ve avoided drawing and singing due to fear of failure. I’ve never been able to stick to the habit of practicing the piano, learning the guitar, meditating, or journaling daily because I try to take on too many things at once. I also overcommit by giving my time and energy to people and activities that drain me rather than energize me.

Join me in Imperfecting. Every month, I’ll tackle a new (or old) task, project, or habit. I’ll commit to one thing per month rather than twenty, and I’ll do some of the things that I’ve avoided my entire life.

June is Imperfecting Photography. I’ll share a new photo on my Flickr page, every day. The cover photo of the Sahara Desert is my first photo for this month.

What will you be Imperfecting this month?

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