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“Beware the Barrenness of a Busy Life”

Are you actually busy? Or are you avoiding? Are you numbing?

It’s easy to wade through life over a 16 hour work day, an impossible to achieve to-do list, and never-ending tweets. It’s not so easy to make space to deal with the more difficult things that may be going on in your life.

The truth is that while the busyness may provide validation in the short term and may prove to be an effective strategy for avoiding the bad, over the long-term, you’ll numb the good parts of your life as well.

You don’t have to be available to your job 24/7. You don’t have to end each day completely exhausted. You can stop asking yourself why you don’t feel satisfied after such a busy day. You can choose to walk away from the busyness.

Start small. When you get home from work, play with your kids outside over watching TV. When you wake up in the mornings, don’t start with Facebook or the morning news, and go for a walk instead. When you have dinner with your partner, have a real conversation with him/her instead of half-listening while you scroll through your phone. Don’t fill your life with stuff in order to avoid the real stuff.


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