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Yesterday, a woman told me that her favorite thing to do is to ask someone to tell her a story. She works at a shop selling eclectic t-shirts, stuffed animals, and other souvenirs, and she loves hearing the stories of how people grew up. She is always interested in how they ended up in the small town where she has lived and worked her entire life.

When is the last time you asked someone to tell you a story? Have you taken the time to say hello to the people you pass on the street or the person at your grocery story register? Everyone has a story, and everyone has something to teach you.

Slow down, look up from your cell phone, and take the time to talk to someone the old-fashioned way. It can be a beautiful thing.

“I love feeling the rhythm of other people's lives. It's like traveling" -Banana Yoshimoto

“I love feeling the rhythm of other people’s lives. It’s like traveling” -Banana Yoshimoto

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