A Job You Love, a Lamborghini, and the Cure for Cancer

What does success mean to you? What do you want to accomplish in order to be successful?

  1. A comfortable, safe job
  2. Seven children
  3. The freedom to work on your creative projects
  4. Live a long, healthy life
  5. Five million dollars in your saving account
  6. A very big house with a backyard and lots of dogs
  7. Climb all seven summits
  8. A Lamborghini Veneno Roadster
  9. Visit 100 countries
  10. Own a boat
  11. Writ a book
  12. Be a Nobel laureate
  13. Find a cure for cancer
  14. Get your PhD
  15. Lots of passive income
  16. Have a building named after you
  17. Live a life of uncertainty
  18. Be a professor at Harvard
  19. Make enough money to support your family
  20. Recognition for being the best at what you do
  21. Get along well with others
  22. The ability to impact five people’s lives every year
  23. Make an impact on the entire world
  24. Do work that people talk about
  25. Have your own photography exhibit
  26. Get $100,000 for a commissioned painting
  27. Star in a blockbuster film
  28. Be a major league baseball player
  29. Be CEO of a Fortune 500 company
  30. Own your own vineyard
  31. Sail around the world
  32. Five million Twitter followers
  33. Direct your own movie
  34. The freedom to live wherever you want
  35. Monetize your blog
  36. Speak 15 languages
  37. Be a major politician
  38. Finish an Ironman
  39. Release your own album
  40. Be published in the New Yorker
  41. Notoriety
  42. Make the world a better place
  43. Be on the cover of Rolling Stone
  44. Be the President of the United States
  45. Have a three star Michelin restaurant
  46. Participate in NYC’s Fashion Week
  47. Be a happy, positive person
  48. Retire by 40
  49. Be a surf bum in Costa Rica
  50. Hike the Appalachian Trail
  51. Be a Divemaster
  52. Be a General or an Admiral
  53. Lose 20 pounds
  54. Run a marathon every year
  55. Live a life of leisure
  56. Be tenured
  57. Ski a black diamond
  58. Win the Super Bowl
  59. Publish 50 books
  60. Join the Screenwriters Guild
  61. Have your book made into a movie
  62. Win a Pulitzer
  63. Bench 300 pounds
  64. Danc in a music video
  65. Make people laugh
  66. Write 500 words per day
  67. Be an ambassador
  68. Live in a foreign country
  69. An Olympic gold medal
  70. A happy, healthy relationship
  71. Have a great relationship with your entire family
  72. A job you love going to every day
  73. Financial security
  74. A life of adventure
  75. Grow old with someone
  76. Help people for a living
  77. Own a real estate empire
  78. Enjoy the little things in life
  79. Publish your own poetry collection
  80. Work for yourself
  81. Own a bakery
  82. Write and act in your own one (wo)man play
  83. A successful restaurant
  84. Be Time Magazine’s Person of the Year
  85. Live in the present moment
  86. Five months of vacation every year
  87. Fail often
  88. Reliable friends in your life
  89. Raise healthy children who become successful
  90. Design your own fashion line
  91. Be faithful in your religion
  92. Own a bookstore
  93. Be a successful entrepreneur
  94. 10,000,000 downloads of your podcast
  95. Genuine, meaningful connections with others
  96. Make what you need while working as little as possible
  97. A platinum record
  98. Speak at TED
  99. Be a good parent
  100. Help others do what they love

This list of possible goals is neverending…

David Brooks writes about two types of virtues in his book, A Road to Character. Eulogy virtues apply to our inner character, and résumé virtues focus on our external career.  We spend our lives working on our résumé virtues, and we define often success by these external measures: a good job, financial security, awards, and college degrees. But most of us want to be remembered for our eulogy virtues, or things like kindness, empathy, respect for others and honesty, that are the values we want to live by.

Do your goals for success include living by your eulogy virtues? Because I would argue that the most successful people are those who live by their values. Regardless of their external achievements, those who live authentically by being consistent in their actions, whether or not someone is looking, are the ones who are remembered for being successful.

. . .

Feature Image Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash

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