How Much Can You Add to Your Plate?

It’s a game we play. We fill up our plate and then we see how much we can pile on top. We live in a buffet of opportunities, and in the same way that our eyes are often bigger than our stomachs, our desire for approval is bigger than the hours in our day and our capacity to give.  There are professional societies, extra assignments, weddings, networking events, and side hustles. There are shows to watch, books to read, happy hours to attend, and letters to add to the end of our name with the accompanying life hacks  to optimize them all. There are things to accomplish and then more things to accomplish after that, and we can’t help but to try to do them all while sacrificing sleep and self-care in the process.

And now in the digital age, we are punished by all the things that we don’t do as social media throws the things that we’re missing out on in our face. The pressure to do more is daunting – our mind a rolling footage of all the things we’re not accomplishing.

But what if you focused on what you are accomplishing instead of what you’re not?

Instead of living in missed opportunities, live in gained opportunities. Instead of having FOMO (fear of missing out), have SCAG (self-kindness, confidence, and gratitude). What will you gain if you take “x” activity off your plate? What will you really miss out on if you skip doing “y”?

It’s not about how much you can add to your plate but how much you can take off.

Source: PhD Comics


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Feature Image Photo by Jonathan Pielmayer on Unsplash

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