The Imperfect Roundup

Imperfect Roundup #24

“Success leads to the greatest failure, which is pride. Failure leads to the greatest success, which is humility and learning. In order to fulfill yourself, you have to forget yourself. In order to find yourself, you have to lose yourself.” –David Brooks (The Road to Character)

Happy Christmas Eve!

This week, we wrote about how our successes should align with our eulogy virtues and how our high measures for success are often impossible to summit. There’s a Failogue story on It’s a Wonderful Life and our thoughts on Rosie Revere, Engineer, a children’s book with a great message for adults. Plus some words on our tendency to overload and some tactics to get past our cycles of negative self-talk.

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Here are some things we thought were worth sharing this week:

  • ‘The psychology of “more opportunities later” impairs our present moment decisions. How often has the promise of later made you neglect a present opportunity?’ Stephen Guise on why tomorrow is not your friend.
  • Because it’s almost Christmas, give The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry a read. It’s a beautiful story on the nature of sacrifice, giving, and love with the classic O. Henry surprise ending.

Source: PhD Comics


  • ‘“From North Korea to hurricanes, we live with a greater degree of uncertainty,” he said. “What it boils down to is: How much can people tolerate it when they don’t know what’s going to happen next?”‘ Jen Doll on combating anxiety at The New York Times.

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