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Education Failure

Will It Be On the Test?

“Will it be on the test?” This was my favorite question during the first two decades of my life. I was the stereotypical Asian who sat in the front of the classroom, taking notes on everything and nothing. My attentiveness was deceiving. I didn’t…

Failure Perfectionism

Fears are the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Is fear limiting you from living the life you want to live? As perfectionists, we live controlled lifestyles because we are afraid of rejection and failure. We avoid the things that we’re scared of because we worry about the unknown. This might keep us safe, but we’ll…

Failure Quotes

Great People Do Things Before They’re Ready

Zen Pencils adapts Amy Poehler’s Ask Amy advice about courage into a comic: Perfectionists are afraid to take risks because they are scared to make mistakes. How do you gather up the courage to take risks? Feature Image Source:…

Failure Reflections


The life of a child perfectionist is easy. Success equals A+. Failure equals everything else. You work hard, you get the grade. You walk across the stage, make your valedictorian address and life’s never been better. Then you grow up…and you’re lost. Why? Because…