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Your Unobtrusive Joys

Ella Wheeler Wilcox’s “Thanksgiving” from her collection, Custer and Other Poems, is a beautiful ode to gratitude and noticing. Can we express more gratitude in our life by noticing life’s details? Can we offer praise to those who do kind things for us and…

Gratitude Reflections

John F. Kennedy on Thanksgiving

George Washington proclaimed the first Day of Thanksgiving on November 26, 1789 during the first year of his presidency, but Thanksgiving didn’t become an annual tradition until 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of Thanksgiving during the midst of the American…

Gratitude Quotes Reflections

Stop, Look, and then Go

Often, we move so quickly through the holidays that we don’t have a chance to enjoy it. We can’t afford all of the presents. The gifts we still have to buy. The pile of Christmas party invites. We worry about where everyone will sleep,…