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You’ll Get There When You Get There

We often create our stress. Our internal dialogue can either keep stress at bay or elevate it into full panic. I've encountered many similar situations when I stayed calm and didn't go into blame mode but what was absent that morning was perspective.…

The Imperfect Roundup

Imperfect Roundup #25

Happy New Year!

This week, I wrote about overcoming our waves of emotion and letting go of closed doors. There's a story on "It's Only Fear," a song by Alexi Murdoch, and I'm excited about relaunching The Imperfectionist Book Club in 2018. We'll be reading…

The Imperfect Roundup

Imperfect Roundup #24

Happy Christmas Eve!

This week, we wrote about how¬†our successes should align with our eulogy virtues and how our high measures for success are often impossible to summit. There's a Failogue story on It's a Wonderful Life and our thoughts on Rosie Revere, Engineer, a…