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Rebuilding Endurance

Whether due to a vacation, hard times, or a lack of motivation, there will be times when you lose your endurance. Your shoes will collect dust, your manuscript will go untouched, and you won't meet your goals.

During these moments, don't try to run a…


Share Every Day

I've been on a roller coaster ride with the level of commitment to this website over the past few years. I created it because I wanted to build a resource for perfectionists. A place where people could find the tools to get over their…


Martin Luther King, Jr. on Fear

Fear is essential to our lives. Without it, we would be deprived of our basic needs. Fear is biologically ingrained in all of us. It protects us by giving us an adrenaline response in dangerous situations, allowing us to survive.

Fear is also necessary for…


Jonathan Fields on the Formula for Luck

She published a book. She’s lucky. National Geographic featured his photo. He’s lucky. She has a great job. She’s lucky. He gets to travel the world. He’s lucky. We often think of people in fortunate circumstances as lucky. Sometimes, luck truly is serendipitous. That person…

Quotes Reflections

No Such Thing as a Cautious Creative

George Lois, the legendary ad man, once said: ‘You can be cautious or you can be creative but there is no such things as a cautious creative.’ In an interview with Vice, he added ‘if you’re a cautious creative you’re a bum.’ Lois’ advice…