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Failogue: J.K. Rowling was the “Biggest Failure She Knew”

When J.K. Rowling was writing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, she was a single-mother, unemployed, on welfare, depressed, and even considered suicide.  And she, like many first-time authors, struggled to get Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone published. It was rejected by almost…

Education Failure

Will It Be On the Test?

“Will it be on the test?” This was my favorite question during the first two decades of my life. I was the stereotypical Asian who sat in the front of the classroom, taking notes on everything and nothing. My attentiveness was deceiving. I didn’t…


Failogue: Pinocchio Opened with a Flop and Some Naked Dwarfs

Walt Disney’s Pinocchio is considered to be one of the best animated films of all time. However, in its initial release, the film was a financial failure. Production costs for Pinocchio were more than double of its Disney predecessor, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Pinocchio…


Failogue: Post-its were Invented by Accident

Post-its are littered all over my house in 27 different sizes. I have the signature yellow Post-It notes, Post-it page markers in the shape of sea creatures on all my battered books, and some cat-shaped ones stuck to the wall behind my desk. It’s hard to imagine…


Failogue: Steve Jobs was Fired from Apple

Steve Jobs is a household name, known to everyone as the co-founder and CEO of Apple, Inc. until his death in 2011. But in 1985, Steve Jobs was fired from Apple and regarded as a public failure. He considered running away from Silicon Valley, ashamed…