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The Imperfect Roundup

Imperfect Roundup #25

Happy New Year!

This week, I wrote about overcoming our waves of emotion and letting go of closed doors. There's a story on "It's Only Fear," a song by Alexi Murdoch, and I'm excited about relaunching The Imperfectionist Book Club in 2018. We'll be reading…

The Imperfect Roundup

Imperfect Roundup #24

Happy Christmas Eve!

This week, we wrote about how¬†our successes should align with our eulogy virtues and how our high measures for success are often impossible to summit. There's a Failogue story on It's a Wonderful Life and our thoughts on Rosie Revere, Engineer, a…


How Much Can You Add to Your Plate?

It's a game we play. We fill up our plate and then we see how much we can pile on top. We live in a buffet of opportunities, and in the same way that our eyes are often bigger than our stomachs, our desire…