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Rainer Maria Rilke on Loving the Questions

The answers to most questions are at the tips of our fingers. The digital encyclopedia we carry in our pockets is a gift. Almost everything we want to know is a Google search away.

But we often avoid asking the bigger questions because they are…

The Imperfect Roundup

The Imperfect Roundup – January 8, 2017

At The Imperfectionist Book Club, we’re reading Mindfulness in Plain English. Join us here. What we’re watching: Adam Grant’s TED Talk, “Are You a Giver or a Taker,” on the benefits of promoting a culture of successful givers. The talk is based on Adam’s…

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Oliver Sacks on Gratitude

During the last two years of his life, Oliver Sacks, called the “Poet Laureate of Medicine,” wrote a series of essays on life, aging, and mortality for The New York Times. These four essays were posthumously published in his book Gratitude, a quick but incredibly touching collection that remains with…

Quotes Reflections

Contradiction and Criticism

There will always be people who disagree. There will always be people who interpret your work in an unintended way. But it is this uniqueness among people that makes the world interesting. You can let contradiction and criticism cripple you, or you can keep creating.…

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Workaholics Anonymous

When we think of addiction, our minds usually turn to alcohol or drugs like heroin and cocaine. As perfectionists, our drug of choice is usually work. I remember a time when I felt very uncomfortable with free time. I couldn’t watch TV without my work…

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Your Role

Everyone has a role to play…including you. Sometimes, we end up in a role that doesn’t quite feel right. We wonder if we matter. We ask if what we’re doing is actually making a difference to our supervisors. We wonder if people think we’re…

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Stay on Your Path

Some days, the path will be blocked and shrouded with uncertainty. You will feel lost. Other days, the path will be clear. You’ll move forward with certainty. Everything will feel right. The difference between those who make it and those who don’t is the…

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I Am an Artist

Do you let negativity block your creative potential? I’m not a writer because I haven’t taken the right classes. I’m not a photographer because my photos don’t look like Ansel Adams’ photos. I’m not a musician because some critic hasn’t given me validation yet. I…


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