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Undermoralized. Overpoliticized.

“What is the purpose of my life? How do I find a moral compass so I can tell right from wrong? What should I do day by day to feel fulfillment and deep joy?”

David Brooks asks these questions in his New York Times article, “What is Your Purpose?”. He explains that these questions are more frequent today because over the past few generations, there has been a shift in conversation:

“Public debate is now undermoralized and overpoliticized […]

As a result, many feel lost or overwhelmed. They feel a hunger to live meaningfully, but they don’t know the right questions to ask, the right vocabulary to use, the right place to look or even if there are ultimate answers at all.”

In his book, The Road to Character, David explores the ways that we can live more meaningfully by developing our eulogy virtues. His book explains why we spend more time on our résumé virtues even though our eulogy virtues are more important.

Want to learn more?

When is the last time you have felt overwhelmed with gratitude? Do you want to be defined by these moments or by the number of spreadsheets you completed while you were spinning in the hamster wheel?

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